Paul Rumbolt


Singer ~ Songwriter










An album of diverse songs; unique and eclectic but unified by storytelling.  While every song tells a story, each also has a story of its crafting.  Some have taken years of hard work to bring to life while others have come to me as wonderful gifts; little gems which I hesitate to claim as mine so effortless was their arrival.  Whether every word was a struggle or a gift, for the songwriter, it is the bending of notes and words to your will that is most rewarding; creating something from nothing.


It is from here that I draw on the imagery of “smithing”; the idea of forging song by carefully marrying lyrics and musical accompaniment; taking the raw material of an idea, hammering out the lyrics, changing tunes and rhythms, and refining the whole in a fire of disciplined objectivity and honesty.


To those who have contributed to these songs, whether in the writing, smithing or in the story, a heart-felt “thank you”.  To Michele with love – for believing in my gifts.  No one supports me more or expects more from me. To Dwain Sands – you, my friend, are “the man”.  Thanks for going above and beyond your duties as an engineer and a player.  To Julian Kerr – your friendship, humour and musical counsel were invaluable.  To both Mandi and
Ryan – you are my inspiration.  To the musicians – your creativity and giftedness have breathed life in to these songs. 


For Jorgen…









































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