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SongSmith (2008)

Paul’s most recent CD is full of story; a tragic sea ballad, songs of the open road, lost love and the joy of living.  Heartfelt songs that touch you at the core with their honest delivery. Paul’s sensational voice is truly showcased among fantastic players and intricate arrangements.

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Quest of the Magi (2002)
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Named for an original song inspired by the book “The Other Wise Man” by Henry Van Dyke, this CD includes traditional as well as original Christmas songs.

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Wing and A Prayer (2002)
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Paul sings his original songs of the spirit; suitable for personal
reflection or community worship.  All public/congregation use
of these songs is managed by “LicenSing”

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O Holy Night (1999)

Born from a popular and well supported charity event, the Diamond
Christmas Concert was the impetus for this recording and has
raised considerable funds for the Oilfields Food Bank.

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I Honestly Do (1996)

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Paul’s first studio album, this CD covers several genres but is primarily country, Reflecting Paul’s move from eastern Canada to the west.  Incorporates the talents of Foothills Alberta players including Nathan Tinkham and Cindy Church.

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